Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions governing the use of www.wanted-in.com electronic system operated by WORK-IN agency

1.  Introductory Provisions

1.1.  These Terms and conditions („Terms“) govern the use on an electronic system operated by the company WORK-IN agency s.r.o., company registration number: 02889854, registered address at Revoluční 1082/8, Nové Město, 110 00 Praha 1, entered in the Business Register at the Municipal Court in Prague, entry C 225077 („WORK-IN“), provided at www.wanted-in.com and other applications and platforms intended for clients and users („Wanted-in System“), as well as any contractual relationships WORK-IN might enter into in relation with the use and operation of the Wanted-in System.

1.2.  Wanted-in System is intended for commercial, as well as non-entrepreneurial subjects, both for subjects (especially employers) entering into contractual relationships with WORK-IN based on individual agreements made with WORK-IN or through the automated Wanted-In System („Clients“) and for all other users („Users“) exploiting widely available Wanted-In System services and information by means of browsing, reading, creating a user profile tec.

1.3.  Contradicting provisions in the contracts have precedence over these Terms. Matters not governed by the contract nor by these Terms are then governed by the provisions of Act no. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code („Civil Code“).

2.  Services Offered

2.1.  WORK-IN offers its Clients the possibility to advertise their open job positions using the Wanted-In System, including creating an administration account, browsing the list of applicants or processing human resources related information. It can even provide consulting services in the fields of human resources, commerce and marketing. Based on a special provision, the above services can be provided beyond the Wanted-In System, especially through social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

2.2.  WORK-IN enables its Users to browse the list of open positions within the Wanted-In System and to respond accordingly. Registered Users can even promote their own application profile within the system, while having also a chance to create and display their CV.

3.  Recommending Job Positions, Referral Remuneration

3.1.  As part of the services mentioned in the above article no. 2 and in an effort to make the advertised positions more attractive, WORK-IN lets Clients (employers) offer third parties a remuneration for recommending a certain applicant. This remuneration is to be paid out by the Client to the referrer should the recommended person be accepted for the position offered.

3.2.  Consequently, WORK-IN lets Users recommend their friends for a certain position, for which they can receive the referral remuneration.

3.3.  The referral remuneration will be paid out to the User who recommends an applicant who is then accepted for the job by the Client-employer.

3.4.  WORK-IN guarantees that the „referral transaction“ proceeds smoothly and the User entitled to the remuneration is correctly identified. The Client is obliged to inform WORK-IN when a position advertised within the Wanted-In System is filled based on a recommendation by a Wanted-In System User. This User is then entitled to the referral remuneration to be paid out by the Client within 5 working days after the Client gets informed about the eligible User and is provided with this User’s collaboration.

3.5.  WORK-IN is entitled to oversee and verify a proper process of the „referral transaction“, especially whether the referral remuneration has been duly paid by the Client to the eligible User.

3.6.  Should the conditions of the „referral transaction“ be infringed in any way, especially should the referral remuneration not be paid out properly, WORK-IN is entitled to reject the Client from the Wanted-In System and even stop providing any further services.

4.  Order, Concluding a Contract, Cancelling a Contract

4.1.  WORK-IN accepts Clients’ written orders primarily though the automated Wanted-In System, in which Clients fill in and send an electronic order form, having a possibility to use the GoPay payment gateway. A written order can also be sent via e-mail, post or fax.

4.2.  Service agreement between WORK-IN and the Client is concluded upon WORK-IN accepting the order or it is implied by WORK-IN starting providing the services ordered by the Client.

4.3.  Unless there has been an implicit agreement by the contractual parties, WORK-IN will start providing services ordered by the Client no later than one working day after the payment is credited to WORK-IN’s account.

4.4.  WORK-IN is entitled to cancel the contract especially in these cases:

-  materials provided by the Client are in conflict with legal regulations, morality etc.;

-  Client is in default of payment of any of its liabilities towards WORK-IN;

-  Client discredits the reputation of WORK-IN or the Wanted-In System.

4.5.  Client is entitled to cancel the contract should WORK-IN discontinue to provide the services for more than 5 consecutive working days, with the exception of the interruption being caused by force majeure.

5.  Information Content

5.1.  Users and Clients pledge to only present information in the Wanted-In System that will not cause any harm to WORK-IN or third parties. Users and Clients also undertake to present clear and evident information so as not to create false notion of the subject or the job position.

5.2.  The content of the information presented is the sole responsibility of the User or Client who entered the information into the Wanted-In System. Users and Clients hereby agree that WORK-IN kept information about data input into the Wanted-In System in order to identify a particular User or Client.

5.3.  Users and Clients hereby expressly agree that the information obtained in accordance with these Terms can be used to settle a possible dispute with the Client or User arising from stating untrue information or to prevent Users or Clients who stated information in conflict with these Terms from using the Wanted-In System.

5.4.  WORK-IN reserves the right not to present or to reject any information at is own discretion. WORK-IN will inform Users or Clients should any such situation arise.

5.5.  WORK-IN reserves the right to use any available technical and legal means to protect the Wanted-In System from being used by Users or Clients who repeatedly or significantly infringe these Terms.

5.6.  Users and Clients provide WORK-IN with the materials and information at their own cost and responsibility. Information regarding automated human resources related data processing is received electronically using the Wanted-In System, unless negotiated otherwise.

6.  Prices, Invoicing

6.1.  WORK-IN charges Clients for the services provided a price according to a pricelist valid as of the day the Client’s order is received. A valid pricelist is available in the Wanted-In System at www.wanted-in.com. The price is to be paid as per the invoice issued by WORK-IN. Invoices are payable within 14 days of the day of issue, unless negotiated otherwise. WORK-IN only issues electronic invoices.

6.2.  Should the Client be in default of payment of the invoiced price or any of its part for more than 14 days, WORK-IN is entitled to discontinue providing the services until the amount is paid by the Client in full. Services will be resumed immediately after the correct amount is credited to WORK-IN’s account. Clients have no right for extending the provision of services as to compensate for the interruption, neither are they entitled to a discount or any other price reduction.

6.3.  In case of default in payment, WORK-IN is entitled to receive a contractual fine paid by the Client of 0,05 % of the amount due for every day of default or its part. Obligation to pay the contractual fine does not affect the obligation to compensate any incurred losses, even in the amounts excessive of the contractual fine.

7.  Liability for Damage

7.1.  WORK-IN cannot be held responsible for damages caused by force majeure. Should WORK-IN be prevented from or limited in providing services due to force majeure, it undertakes to inform Clients accordingly without undue delay.

7.2.  WORK-IN’s responsibility for damage incurred by the Client with respect to providing services on the part of WORK-IN is limited to the amount paid by the Client for services based on the concluded contract. WORK-IN is not obliged to reimburse any damage that could not have been anticipated at the time of concluding the contract.

7.3.  WORK-IN is not liable for any copyright infringement by the Client or due to presenting or using information supplied by the Client. Should WORK-IN incur any harm in connection with violation of this provision on the Client’s part, the Client undertakes to reimburse such harm without undue delay after being prompted by WORK-IN to do so.

7.4.  WORK-IN is obliged to extend the time period for which it provides its services should there be an undisputable fault or mistake on the part of WORK-IN. The period is to be extended by the time for which this default lasted.

8.  Copyright

8.1.  Clients may only use the Wanted-In System or any of its parts for their own use; any form of distributing, copying or other technical processing of the system and its content is strictly prohibited without WORK-IN’s previous consent. Users are also prohibited from altering technical or factual content of the website.

8.2.  Information stored within the Wanted-In System may be downloaded or printed strictly for private purposes and such information may not be further reproduced. Any other reproduction or modification of information through mechanical or electronic means is strictly prohibited without WORK-IN’s previous consent.

9.  Handling Personal Information

9.1.  WORK-IN hereby declares that personal information is being collected and handled in compliance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the protection of personal data. WORK-IN declares that all the information is being handled upon an explicit consent of the appropriate subject.

9.2.  Users and Clients acknowledge that the information stored within the Wanted-In System is further processed by WORK-IN and may be used to compile various reports and analyses. The results of such processing may be commercially utilized while preserving absolute anonymity of the source.

10.  Final Provisions

10.1.  All acts of WORK-IN (contacts, supplies, services, payments etc.) are performed at the company’s registered address. All legal relations are governed by the legislation of the Czech Republic. All disputes arising from these relations or from contracts concluded by WORK-IN will be started and litigated at an appropriate court in the Czech Republic.

10.2.  WORK-IN reserves the right to modify or amend these Terms unilaterally at any time. The contractual relationship between WORK-IN and the Client is governed by the Terms as amended at the time of concluding the contract.

10.3.  WORK-IN contact information:

WORK-IN agency s.r.o.

Company registration number: 02889854

Registered address: Revoluční 1082/8, Nové Město, 110 00 Praha 1

Entered in the Business Register at the Municipal Court in Prague, entry C 225077