1.  Why do I have to register?

Registration is here to protect you, as well as our system. Security is our top priority.

2.  How is the reward paid out?

Every employer that offers a reward may choose how the reward is to be paid out. Your e-mail address only becomes visible when the status of the applicant you recommended changes to „Accepted“. If you are convinced you should be entitled to receive the reward but still nothing happens, please contact us. You will find more information in our Terms and Conditions.

3.  Can I recommend more than one person?

You can recommend as many people as you want for a given position but please remember, you only get the reward if the person you recommend actually gets the job. Quality, not quantity, is our common interest.

4.  Is my personal information safe?

Wanted-in.com handles personal information in compliance with Act. no. 101/2000 Coll., on the protection of personal data. We hereby declare that all the information is handled upon the owner’s explicit consent.

The recommendation processes unfolds as follows:

Once registered in the system, you can recommend a friend – you fill in the person’s e-mail address and try to describe why they are the most suitable applicant for the job. This will also send the person a unique link through with they can fill in and send their personal information. Your recommendation and your e-mail address will only become visible to the employer after the status of the person you recommended changes in the system to „Accepted“.

5.  The company didn’t pay me the reward, what can I do?

If you are sure the person you had recommended did get accepted for the job and you still don’t get any information from the employer within 5 working days after the applicant’s induction, please let us know. We will try to straighten this out even though we can’t interfere with the financial transactions. Any company that might try to take unfair advantage of your trust and our system will be rejected promptly.

6.  Can I recommend myself?

You sure can but it’s up to the employers how they will view this. If you’re really looking for a new job, isn’t this new job the best reward you can get?

7.  How do I find out the person I had recommended started on the job?

The employers can manage the entire recruiting process within the system and to change the applicant’s status. So when a status changes to „Accepted“, we will send you an e-mail. The employer can also inform you, as should your friend – in the end, it’s you they should thank for the job. It may be that the company doesn’t use our system for recruiting – in this case, please contact the company directly if you still haven’t heard from them. Of course you can always contact us at info@wanted-in.com.

8.  Any more questions?

Let us know at info@wanted-in.com