How it works (WANTED-IN) is a unique system of advertising open job positions with a great benefit of including third parties into the process.

1.  I don´t have a job / I am not happy with my current job

You are not alone! Look for a new job and count on your friends and family. They care about you and will help you find the right job and recommend you to open positions they think would fit you perfectly.

2.  I have friends who are looking for a job / are not happy in their current jobs

Don´t just keep your fingers crossed any more. Now you can actively search for positions that would be just perfect for your friends. Not only it feels good, you can even get a nice reward if your recommendation works out and your friend gets accepted for the job. Become a headhunter and hunt for the best offers :)

3.  I have a company / I am an entrepreneur and I am looking for new employees

Do you keep posting vacant job positions but have no luck finding the right people? Offer a „reward“ and look forward to recommendations from those who know the applicants the best. Pay out the rewards as promised and become a respectable employer.

WANTED-IN sends out notifications to all interested parties based on certain steps within the system.

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